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The Ultimate Programmers Publishing Tool

or at least my ultimate untool

I think I just came to a point where I can say: I have just found the troughly, ultimate publishing tool. For me.

How often I had something in mind to tell the world or took a picture I wanted to share and stuck at

OK, first I will write a good publishing tool and then, then I will write it all down.

It never happens.

Today I got my account on the outstanding, tried it out and was thrilled: thats it! I thought.

A bit later my doubts came back: Will it last? What if it changes in the future? Gets more commercial, maybe feature overblown? How can I show my photos? Will it fulfill my needs?

And I came to the conclusion, that no publishing software will stay forever, no blog engine or CMS will fulfill all my needs.

And I asked myself a question: What would be missing, if I publish on plain HTML, hosted on GitHub Pages?


The first thing that came into my mind was, that with plain HTML there is no way to manage the layout of my posts in a consistent way. But - do I really want this? Isn't diversity my only constant paradigm? Yes!
It's cool to have each post in a different style. It's nice to watch my style changing through the time.

Will it be fine to write whole HTML pages for every single entry I will post?

Maybe it's a bit too much to come up with a head, doctype, some style and so on, when I just want to write some lines.

But hey - I'm used to it. It does not matter if I copy the missing parts from the last post I wrote and adapt it.

So what?

What about the navigation?

As a webdeveloper I always tend to think about menus and navigation as that these are things that have to be automatically generated, so every entry can be found, is automatically listed, there are next and previous links and what so on.

But sometimes I want an article to stand for itself. All the navigation stuff is the first thing that requires a layout.

I think I can manage the navigation by myself. If I want a post to link to another one - there is <a>!

The long and winding road...

...are those facts that leads here:

HTML is here to stay!